How to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills?


What is Creative Writing?

Various genres and writing styles outside the more formal parameters of technical writing or academic writing are included in the creative writing category. In order to incorporate a structure with creativity and a compelling narrative, creative writing focuses on elements like character development, narrative, and plot.

Instead of only stating facts, creative writing also entails finding new ideas and gathering new resources. Creatively giving words to your imagination is creative writing. Unlike other kinds of writing, it gives you the freedom of unconstrained expression. By conveying a theme, creative writing aims to arouse a reader’s emotions.

What Are the Types of Creative Writing?

There are various forms of creative writing that could be either fictional or non-fictional. Some of them are screenwriting, playwriting, poetry, novel, short story, TV script, memoirs, autobiographies, literary journals, personal essays, lyric essays, and humor writing.

How to Develop the Art of Creative Writing?

  • Basics: Rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation are the basics of writing that every creative writer should be acquainted with.
  • Creative Thinking: It is an essential part of creative writing as it helps find topics and generate new ideas. As truth depends on people’s perspectives, you must not dismiss your assumptions about your topics. You must express them; however, the readers will accept them better if they are based on research. Before stating your opinions, you must justify them.
  • Blueprint: Preparing a blueprint or map for your piece of writing gives you a rhythm and flow.
  • Experiences and Memories: Use your experiences with and memories of people, things, places, incidents, etc., to express your ideas.
  • Observation: It is a great tool to help your imagination. Note the details of your observations and combine them with your imagination for preparing plots or stories.
  • Choice of Words: The right word at the right place gives clarity to your views and better understanding to your readers. Play with words until you find the right one.
  • Exercise: Reading and writing should be your daily exercise to enhance your creative writing skills.
  • Literary Devices: To project impactful pictures in the minds of your readers, you should use literary devices like similies, metaphors, alliterations, and figures of speech.
  • Target Audience: Before writing something, you must know who you are addressing. No piece of writing can appeal to all kinds of readers. You must design, write, and chisel your writing according to the taste of your target audience.
  • Technique: Different genres of writing have different writing techniques. The writer must know those techniques.


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