Wiley and The Physiological Society collaborate to drive discovery and practice

newscapsule_01 (2)John Wiley and Sons Inc. has partnered with The Physiological Society to develop multi-faceted physiology taxonomy in order to drive forward discovery for the physiology and associated communities. Wiley has recognized the importance of making connections across disciplinary boundaries and the plus side of investing in capabilities to fully automate the tagging and display of journal article content against taxonomies. Simon Rallison, director of scientific programs at The Physiological Society says, “Discoverability of content is a holy grail for journal publishing and for research. The taxonomy will be invaluable to our journals’ authors and readers, whose input will refine it further and keep it up to date.”

Reference Link: https://newsroom.wiley.com/press-release/all-corporate-news/wiley-and-physiological-society-announce-physiology-discipline-taxo

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