Brown Fat “The molecule for weight and health restoration”


Ankita, aged 30, was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. It seemed nothing less than “between the devil and deep sea, as she struggled with obesity since her adolescent age. She had tried all forms of possible diet regime starting from ketogenic to a low carbohydrate, with negligible fruitful outcome. Diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes on top of weight issues can be nerve breaking!

Many life-style associated disorders come with a tagline “Genesis due to altered fat metabolism”. Thereby, possessing a serious threat to the functioning of life. Obesity and diabetes are top rankers in the modern era health catastrophe. Diet regime, medications are being improvised and updated to provide soothing effects. However, with multiple challenges on the way with these modules, “cure from within via pharmacological mediated trigger” has been the talk of the town.

Fat That Shape Lives 

BROWN FATS” gets activated due to cold temperature to impart heat and energy, a process known as thermogenesis. Scientists with extensive research have now found evidence to long asserted hypothesis of “Activation of brown fat, a key step in metabolic wellness”. Beta2-adrenergic receptors, located in brown fats, are the key player in the induction of thermogenesis and can also be exploited to improve insulin sensitivity, appetite regulation. Hence, pharmacological targeting of these receptors, thereby activating brown fats, can provide new insights to metabolism-related disorders.


Studies pertaining to dose corrected pharmacological activation of brown fat can provide a new dimension in the cure of obesity. Also, relatedness with other metabolic disorders such as diabetes can be far more welcoming.

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