Daily 22 Minutes of Exercise: A Lifesaver for Sedentary Lifestyles

In developed nations, people spend approximately nine to ten hours daily in sedentary activities, linked to health issues. A study focusing on those aged 50 and above found that just 22 minutes of daily exercise can mitigate the elevated risk of early death from prolonged sitting. Data from Norway, Sweden, and the United States, involving over 12,000 participants wearing activity trackers, was analyzed. Those sedentary for over 12 hours daily faced a 38% higher risk of mortality, except if they engaged in more than 22 minutes of daily exercise, in which case their risk resembled that of those sedentary for eight hours. Increased daily physical activity consistently reduced mortality risk, offering potential health benefits.

Source: https://theconversation.com/how-22-minutes-of-exercise-a-day-could-reduce-the-health-risks-from-sitting-too-long-216259

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