Exploring Probiotics for Caries Prevention

Probiotics, beneficial bacteria with potential oral health benefits, have garnered interest in caries prevention. This review aims to assess the effectiveness of probiotic administration in preventing dental caries.

Studies have investigated the role of probiotics, particularly lactobacilli and bifidobacteria strains, in inhibiting cariogenic bacteria growth, reducing plaque formation, and promoting oral pH balance. Probiotics may also enhance saliva’s protective properties against acid erosion, contributing to a healthier oral environment and reducing caries risk. However, conflicting results exist regarding their efficacy, dosages, and optimal delivery methods.

While probiotics show promise in caries prevention by modulating oral microbiota and promoting oral health, further research is needed to establish their effectiveness definitively. Standardized protocols, long-term clinical trials, and better understanding of probiotic mechanisms are essential to unlock their full potential in dental caries management. Collaborative efforts between researchers, clinicians, and the probiotics industry are crucial for advancing this promising area of preventive dentistry.

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