Review literature is a comprehensive, extensive collection of facts and figures related to the topic of study. The review is the backbone for conducting successful biomedical research. An ideal selection of relevant topics is the first step towards educative review. The utility of this form of writing is that it has detailed information on progress in the past years along with an eye on future prospects

The necessity of Review literature:

  • It provides a detailed picture of previous research, limitation, and future interventions with respect to the topic of interest.
  • It helps the researcher to identify the scope of the project and necessary protocols to be needed.
  • Researchers can cite the statistical finding with previous reviews.
  • It helps to overcome duplication and plagiarism of data thereby strengthens the chance to be published in the public domain.
  • A dissertation is a form of mini-review needed for completion of the academic ladder.

Types of review

  • Secondary data analysis projects aim to answer a specific research question; on the other hand, the systematic review provides a statistical overview of the topic via citation of multiple papers. 

Source and organization of data

  • A literature survey from libraries or digital format provides data for writing a review article.
  • The citation should be adequate in number and relevant to the context. Also, critical selection criteria keeping in view of the content of the article should be the prime focus. Relevant information with or without a clear conclusion can help to deliver unbiased writing with a scope of future prospects or areas of research.


The review writing depends on the accurate selection of the topic of interest, as the latter decide the final shape of the review. With the improvisation of electronic media, skill set or literature survey is available with ease. Thereby, giving enough limelight to informative review writing for biomedical research.

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