Obesity leads to poorer psychological health among Cancer Patients

newscapsule_2According to a new study published in Psycho-oncology, obesity was related to poorer psychosocial health among older adults diagnosed with breast cancer or prostate cancer. The study included 4159 patients who received care at a comprehensive cancer center in California. Across all patients, the most frequent problems were related to depression, anxiety, pain, sleeping, finances, and fear of medical procedures. However, when compared with non-obese patients, obese breast and prostate cancer patients experienced higher levels of problem-related distress. The study’s findings reveal the impact of obesity in cancer care and provide guidance in the development and implementation of supportive care services for at-risk populations.

Reference Linkhttps://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-11-cancer-patients-obesity-poorer-psychosocial.html

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