Rock erosion influences climate and carbon levels.

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🌍 Unveiling Earth’s Climate Control Mechanism 🌱

For hundreds of millions of years, Earth has maintained relatively stable surface temperatures, fostering life as we know it. Now, geologists Aaron Bufe and Niels Hovius shed light on the planet’s remarkable ‘thermostat’ in a groundbreaking study.

Their research, focused on the erosion and weathering of rocks, reveals a surprising finding: low-relief mountain ranges are the unsung heroes of carbon sequestration. Unlike their towering counterparts, these gentle giants with moderate erosion rates excel at capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide through weathering reactions.

By modeling weathering fluxes in diverse landscapes like Taiwan and New Zealand, the team discovered a critical threshold: an erosion rate of about 0.1 millimeters per year unlocks optimal CO2 capture. Beyond this point, high erosion rates can turn weathering into a CO2 source.

This revelation reshapes our understanding of Earth’s carbon cycle and underscores the crucial role of erosion in regulating global temperatures. From the majestic Black Forest to the serene Oregon Coast Range, these low-relief mountains emerge as key players in Earth’s intricate climate orchestra.

🌿 Let’s delve deeper into the profound impacts of erosion on our planet’s climate system!

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