How to Structure your Research article

The research article is a well-paced combination of multiple sections in an accurate format. Each section in the article has a definite goal and a message to convey.

In the introduction, the research question is raised in front of the reader. The procedure for answering the research question is written in the method section. Recorded observation is in the result section and the discussion suggests the inference or interpretation of the results.

Integral components of Research paper


A good title should be compact, to the point, and should be able to highlight the study. It should not contain any form of question or phrase.


Abstract gives the initial overview of the article. It is the first thing that a reader goes through and decides whether to continue reading.


It describes a wider perspective. The background information regarding the piece of work along with the contradictory or similar research related to the objective of the work.

Materials and methods

It describes the procedure of the experiment. It gives an overview of the workflow in a sequential format 


It is a collection of observation and data. It gives a clear and detailed description of the parameters used in the research.


The author gives his viewpoint by providing supportive evidence from the results obtained. And also discuss the future prospects of the research.


The people who have contributed to the feasibility of the research work are mentioned in this section.


It is the collection of citations of authors whose work has been used to derive insights while writing the manuscript.

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