Tips for young scholars on how to get published


Writing research articles in reputed journals is every scholar’s dream. However, everyone has to start from somewhere and it is often difficult for young scholars to get their first publication given the field is crowded. Many young scholars often feel lost and do not understand how to start going about it.

Here are some key tips for young scholars on how to get published.

Choice of Journal: Choice of an appropriate journal is the first and most critical step in this regard. Everyone wants to get published in a reputed journal with a high impact factor. However, given everyone wants it, it is difficult for young scholars to make the cut.

That is not to say that such journals do not entertain articles from young scholars. A key factor in choosing the journal is the appropriateness of one’s article and also whether the journal encourages young scholars to publish. Such information can be gleaned from the journal websites which often have advisories for young scholars. Just browsing through the latest editions to check for the affiliations and accreditations of the published authors is another means of taking this call.

You may choose to go for peer-reviewed journals for prestige, but have to wary about the long process involved, which also involves the chances of rejection or multiple revisions. That in turn delays publication and can be a frustrating long-drawn process.

On the other hand, Open Access journals that have faster turnaround times may help you get faster publication but they may not have the same prestige. You need to take a balanced call on your requirements and plan your strategy.

Choice of type of article: Every young author seeks citation and peer recognition for one’s publication. The type of article you write determines whether it gets published or the extent of its citation. Some of the options you have are original research articles, review papers, clinical studies, book reviews, or literature reviews.

Different types of publications have differing readerships and citation potentials. Original research is most sought after but the hardest to produce. It may be easier to start with review papers but one needs great professional acumen to write them. Clinical studies are well accepted by peers but may often have to be co-authored with seniors or supervisors working on the project. You must choose wisely depending on your strengths and chances of publication.

Quality of content: There are numerous academicians working in a field and what really differentiates your article from others is the quality of the content you offer. The quality of a research article is not only about the quality of your research but also the quality of the writing. You have to be professional in terms of drafting, referencing and indexing, formatting, data-work, and charts, etc. You have to be extremely careful about plagiarism and other pitfalls that young scholars often fall into. It iso often advised going for professional editing and proof-reading services to overcome these shortcomings.

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