Vitamin D Supplements Linked to Reduced Heart Attack Risk

New research suggests that vitamin D supplements can help reduce the risk of heart attacks. The study, which included 21,302 participants aged 60 to 84, found a small reduction in the risk of major cardiovascular events for those taking vitamin D supplements compared to a placebo. Specifically, the heart attack rate was 19% lower in the vitamin D group.
Lead author Rachel Neale from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute notes that while the study isn’t conclusive in terms of cause and effect, it provides valuable data for further research. Participants took either a vitamin D supplement or a placebo for up to five years, with about 80% still taking their supplements at the end of the study.
The research also indicated a greater benefit for those already taking statins or other heart disease drugs. Neale emphasizes that people should consult their doctors before starting vitamin D supplements, especially older adults with existing health conditions.
For a natural boost of vitamin D, get plenty of sunlight and eat foods like oily fish and egg yolks. This study is a step forward in understanding how vitamin D affects heart health.

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