What is Peer Review Week and how is it celebrated?


Peer review is a process where your research paper is evaluated by respective subject experts. The primary purpose of peer review is to assess the paper’s quality and appropriateness for publication.

Peer review is critical to support the high standards of academic connections and maintain the quality of individual journals. It also alerts you of any errors in your work or gaps in the literature that you may have overlooked.


  1. Single-anonymous peer review
  2. Double-anonymous peer review
  3. Open peer review
  4. Post-publication peer review
  5. Registered reports

Peer Review Week

It is an annual international virtual occasion celebrating the vital role that peer review plays in keeping up research quality. Individuals, institutions, and organizations gather to share the main message that quality peer review is crucial to academic communication, in whatever form or shape it may take.


In order to highlight and celebrate peer review, a crucial procedure that is frequently taken for granted, the first Peer Review Week was organized in 2015. The first year comprised significant events, activities, interviews, and webinars that sought to raise awareness of both the peer review process and peer reviewers. The initiative was the result of informal discussions between ScienceOpen, Wiley, ORCiD, and Sense above Science. Peer Review Week has grown to become one of the greatest academic activities since that time. This week-long gathering, which has a different focus each year, promotes conversations on the various viewpoints, expectations, best practices, difficulties, innovations, and changing trends in peer review.

Why is the Peer Review Week 2022 theme important?

Research integrity and trust have been heated topics of discussion due to the rising politicization of science, doubts about the reproducibility of work, worldwide disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic, and the quick online dissemination of research. Nearly 30% of the 1,200 respondents to the global open survey used to determine the Peer Review Week 2022 subject agreed that the emphasis should be on fostering academic community trust and maintaining research integrity.

Peer reviewers are regarded as gatekeepers of trustworthy, high-quality research since they make sure that fundamental ethical principles and worldwide discipline norms are followed. Therefore, the theme for this year is a good option to encourage and guarantee transparency, excellence, and confidence in the peer review process.

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