Will Yellow Fever Ever Be Eradicated?

Yellow fever (YF), a mosquito-borne viral infection, historically spread through social and commercial networks, with Barbados serving as a transmission epicenter. Despite a vaccine since the 1930s, YF persists in Africa, South, and Central America, posing risks to residents and travelers. Geographic spread is influenced by social, political, and economic factors. Currently, 44 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas report YF cases, primarily transmitted by mosquito vectors and non-human primates. Outbreaks vary between regions, with Africa experiencing more cases but lower fatality rates than the Americas. Surveillance of non-human-primate fatalities is crucial for early detection of potential human transmission.
Continued efforts in vaccination coverage, vector control, and international collaboration are essential in the ongoing fight against yellow fever. Achieving eradication may require sustained global commitment and innovative strategies tailored to the specific epidemiological challenges of different regions.

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