The world’s top ten universities in terms of Nobel laureates

top 10 university
The first nine universities are located in the United States, while the tenth place has gone to an institution in Israel.

The universities that are placed outside the top 10 are Rockefeller University and the Max Plank Society in Germany. The University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester tied at fifteenth, both down from a fourteenth-place showing last year.

The ranking Methodology

The ranking was designed by Times Higher Education by bestowing a score to each university based on the number of Nobel laureates affiliated with the institution at the time its award was accorded.

The score was then weighted based on the number of prize winners for each category and the number of institutions affiliated with each award winner.

Literature and Peace prize winners were not included from the survey.

Running the gamut, we look at the ten most influential universities since 2000.

Princeton University

Princeton University stands tall amongst all universities by bagging the highest score. It has been ranked no. 1 (same position as in 2016) with a score of 3.25 by Times Higher Education. Situated in New Jersey, the university was established in 1746. It is the fourth-oldest American university with maximum number of winning laureates since 2000. It is now globally acclaimed for producing the highest number of Nobel laureates.

Stanford University

Stanford University has attained a score of 3.16 and holds the second position (the same as last year) in the race. Situated in California, it was founded in the year 1885.

University of Chicago

The university of Chicago, or UChicago, had accomplished rank 6 in 2016, but this year it has climbed to No. 3 by scoring 3.00. The university was established in 1890 and it is situated in Illinois, USA. Every year since 2004, it has maintained its position within the top ten on the Academic Ranking of World Universities list, but its influence stretches back farther.

Columbia University

Originally known as King’s College, Columbia University has marked its prominence by scoring 2.83 and being ranked 4, down one position from last year. It was founded in the year 1754 in Manhattan, New York.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It has scored 2.67 and is placed Number 5, maintaining the same position as last year. Opened in 1865, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is globally famous for its achievements in providing a fertile ground for epochal research. It is located in Massachusetts.

University of California, Berkley

University of California scored 2.25 and holds rank 6 in the list of Times Higher Education in contrast to the fourth position last year. It was established in the year 1868 in Berkley, California. It is associated with an incredible 72 Nobel Prize winners till date.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Located in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Howard Hughes Medical Institute holds rank 7 by scoring 1.94. Its position is unchanged from 2016.

Harvard University

Harvard University was founded in the year 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. According to the academic ranking of world universities, Harvard has been the number one college in the world since 2003. It has made its mark by producing Nobel intellects since 2000, and has been presented rank 8 with a score of 1.78.

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of California, Santa Barbara, has a long history of student activism. It has been ranked 9th with score of 1.74.

Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Last but not the least, Technion Israel Institute of Technology is shining bright by scoring 1.66, which has helped it bag the 10th spot. In operation since 1924, the Technion is the oldest university in Israel.

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