Essentials of Research Planning and Investigation


Research planning is an explicit design of your research, which can be either general level or a detailed level planning.

A typical research plan includes the following elements:

Aims and Objectives:

Here, the research goals are clearly expressed in terms of research outcomes.

Strategy of a Research:

This section highlights the significance of the research along with the innovative approaches adopted by the researcher to reach the research goal.

The research significance explains the importance of the research and whether strong scientific premise is available for carrying out the research. In innovative approach, the concepts, methodologies, interventions or instrumentations are put forward in deep. In addition, any advancement in the existing theories, methods or instrumentations are highlighted in this section.


Any sort of institutional support and facilities considered pre-requisites for the research work to start needs to be listed out in the resource section.

Biographic Note:

This is a personal statement provided by the principal researcher along with other contributors. The note includes the researcher’s recent qualification and experience that is well-suited for the current role of a principal investigator. In addition, recent honors, positions and peer-reviewed publications should also be listed out in a chronological order.

Listing out Research:

All the on-going projects as well as past projects needs to be listed out.

Writing the Research Plan:

This is an essential stage in research, which includes a broader aspect of the research to be conducted.

– Research background: It introduces your research to the audience

– Significance of the research

– Literature review

– Aims and objectives

– Stating the possible research hypothesis

– Theoretical framework

– Data collection and analysis through different statistical methods

– Stating the study outcomes

– A short work plan or schedule

– List of references

– Biographical sketch

A research plan is considered as a condensed description of the research that is to be performed, which may vary according to the research problem, focus area or area of content. The plan can be even improved during the research process. If you are planning to prepare a research plan, the above framework will help you devise a research funding specific draft.

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