Importance of a Thesis Statement & How to Write It Well


A thesis statement is a single sentence that summarizes a paper’s main idea. It normally falls near the end of the opening paragraph. Depending on the style of paper, these will be slightly different. However, the thesis statement should always state the major point someone wishes to make. The rest of the paper should revolve around this concept.

In simple terms, it’s a synopsis of research work. A strong thesis statement acts as a blueprint for the rest of the essay.

A Thesis Statement’s Importance

A thesis statement must always be precise. The following points are the major importance of a thesis statement:

  1. Condense your thoughts into one or two sentences.
  2. Bring your reader to your point of view.
  3. Organize and develop your essay from your own point of view.
  4. It may appear that there is too much to fit into a single line or two. We, ManuscriptEdit offer services to help you come up with the best thesis statement possible.

Throughout the process of creating a research paper or essay, a thesis statement must be considered.

What is the best way to put together a thesis statement?

Step 1: Begin by posing a research question. In the paper, you must write a question that you want to answer. This question must be the focus of the entire inquiry. “What are the benefits of employing computers in a fifth-grade classroom?” for example.

Step 2: Determine the answer and correct the situation. This section can be used to write a concise answer to the question after the initial research. This type of response should lead you through the writing process.

Step 3: Provide reasons or facts to back up your answer. You must support the response to the question with evidence, logic, or reason in order to construct an excellent thesis statement for a paper. The thesis statement will be modified and improved throughout the essay writing process. The above-mentioned question, for example, has a logical answer:

“By using computers, students will have more significant advantages in terms of technology and advance education. It can enhance the creativity level and mental strength of the fifth-grade students.”

Steps to writing a good thesis statement

Focus on one topic:

If you can’t back up your thesis statement with evidence, it’s useless. Consider how you would phrase the body paragraphs that support your argument when formulating your essay’s thesis. You should also evaluate the counterarguments and ensure that your thesis can be supported in the face of those discrepancies.

To keep the text focused on one issue, the thesis statement should only contain one topic. Your post will quickly lose its focus if you do not discuss and expand on a single subject. You will not be able to respond to the important issues in this manner, and the reader will become confused during the discussion. So, to establish originality, strive to keep focused on the key topic.

Keep it short:

The most successful thesis statements are those that can be articulated in a single sentence. A multi-sentence thesis statement may be appropriate in some situations, but be careful not to delve too deeply into your argument. The rest of your document is for that purpose.

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