Insight: Aging fibroblasts fuel pancreatic cancer growth; promising therapeutic implications.

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy have uncovered fascinating insights into why pancreatic cancer tends to be more common and aggressive in older individuals.

Their study, recently published in Cancer Research, reveals that aging alters fibroblasts in the pancreas, making them release proteins that directly fuel the growth and spread of pancreatic tumors. 📈🔍 This groundbreaking research sheds light on potential new therapeutic avenues for combating this challenging cancer.

Lead author Dr. Daniel Zabransky highlights the significance of their findings: “Older fibroblasts release proteins that directly affect pancreatic cancer cells and ultimately lead to the growth and spread of pancreatic cancer tumors.” 🎯💡 This discovery could pave the way for more targeted treatments tailored to different age groups.

Let’s stay tuned for more updates as researchers continue to unravel the mysteries of pancreatic cancer and work towards more effective treatments! 🌟💪

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