Using table salt regularly is associated with a 41% increased risk of gastric cancer

The article from Medical News Today discusses the link between high salt intake and an increased risk of stomach (gastric) cancer. Research indicates that adding salt to food, as well as consuming processed foods high in salt, can damage the stomach lining and lead to inflammation, ultimately raising the risk of gastric cancer. The harmful effects of salt are compounded when combined with other risk factors such as Helicobacter pylori infection, smoking, and a diet low in fruits and vegetables.

Particularly at risk are individuals with a family history of gastric cancer, older adults, males, and people of certain ethnic backgrounds, such as East Asian, South American, and Eastern European populations, where high salt consumption is more common. The article emphasizes the importance of reducing salt intake as a preventive measure and encourages people to be mindful of their dietary habits. It also suggests regular screenings and medical check-ups for those at higher risk to detect any early signs of gastric cancer. Overall, the article highlights the significant impact of dietary choices on health and the potential for lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of serious diseases like gastric cancer.

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