How to revise a rejected journal paper?


Publishing a manuscript is a repetitive process. It involves writing and specific editing based on the journal guidelines. The rejection of manuscripts can happen with Nobel laureates as well, but the most significant aspect in the course of action post rejection. There is a number of strategies to handle rejection inefficiently way. The rejection is at the editorial table or post review should be taken as a turning point to decide the course of action. For instance, with a prior review rejection consider changing the journal as your time is precious. However, rejection post review provides valuable insights to address the pitfall and improvises the manuscript, as by now you are tasted the strength and lacuna of the work which decides its market value.

The common actions to be taken post rejection:

  • Policy for appealing editorial decision

Appealing to reconsider the rejection is a right of the author. You can write back to a reviewer with reference to the points mentioned in the review. The appeal should sound like a discussion rather than an argument and should clearly mention your opinion with substantial evidence in a polite and professional manner.

  • Resubmission in the same journal

The journal rejecting your article may suggest you resubmit the post address of the reviewer’s comments. Now, if you want that your article to be part of the journal then u can address the comments by performing experiments or by citing the necessary literature for your support. The journal can also say NO for further resubmission of your work post review.

  • Address of comments and resubmission to a new journal

The author can incorporate the comments and submit them to a new journal. It involves careful evaluation of the comments and taking the due course of action for the incorporation of suggestions. Journal-specific documents such as title page, cover letter or author biography, etc, should be made afresh based on the new journal guidelines.

  • No correction and fresh submission

Although an easy way out but with less probability of successful publication. The new reviewer shall also pick up if not all but many of the comments suggested by the previous reviewer. Also, it may happen that your article may be reviewed by the same reviewer in the new journal also.

Tips for successful revision

Read and Read Again!

Through and repeated reading will successfully clarify the viewpoint of the reviewer and shall lighten up the needed future course of action. Sometimes due to initial outburst of emotion caused by the rejection mask our analytical and conscious state of thinking and we tend to exaggerate the comments.

Seeking editing services

Editing services help to effectively address the shortfall in the manuscript. RESEAPRO is one such firm of excellence and dedicated client service that caters to various editing requirements, such as copy editing, proofreading, extensive substantive editing, and also rewriting. RESEAPRO can take care of appropriate journal selection till publication so that you enjoy a hassle-free holiday on a sandy beach.

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