Tips for addressing reviewer comments with manuscript revisions


Your submitted manuscript is in the revision stage. The editor has asked to revise a list of items and resubmit. Now, what should be the line of action?

  • Manuscript revision is a positive outcome

If the paper is not rejected and has come for revision then this demands celebration as it indicates that there is a probability of it getting published. Revision indicated that you have crossed desktop rejection. Many journals out rightly reject the paper or after the first review if they are not satisfied with the manuscript.

  • Don’t get overexcited

Manuscript coming for revision indicates a good probability of getting published. However, you should not be overconfident either. Properly revised paper as per the comments of the reviewer is an important factor, among many others. Therefore, papers coming for revision should not be considered as accepted.

  • Don’t get judgmental about the reviewer

You have a sentimental connection with your work. But you should not aspect the same from the reviewer; it’s their work to give a fair and just opinion as per their expertise and experience. Therefore, you should take the revision as a positive spirit and as a supportive gesture for the journal.

  • Seek inputs from coauthor

Share the comment of reviewers and ask for valuable inputs from the co-authors. This makes them responsible and part of the publication journey not only in initial submission but also in the revision stages.

  • Submit a revision letter

While making revisions in the manuscript, write down the specific details of the changes or amendments in the revision letter. This letter tells the reviewers where you have made the changes.

  • Be respectful while addressing the comments

Your language should not be just scientifically correct, but your overall gesture, while you write the comments, should be polite and graceful. It takes a lot of time and effort to read, understand the manuscript prior to writing a comment, so you should respect his effort and should be thanking full while you address the comments.

  • Address all the comments

Answer each comment of all the reviewers who reviewed your paper. Write in an elaborate manner the content or rewriting you have made in the manuscript as a part of the comment address. You can use track changes, highlights, strikeouts to emphasize your points while showing the changes you have made.

  • Don’t add new data to the manuscript.

Be specific in your topic and until a necessity doesn’t add new data to your manuscript.

  • Don’t add new authors to the manuscript.

Only if you have conducted some new experiments, data analysis during the revision stage then you can add a new author by explaining the need of doing so and by using appropriate protocols.

  • Set a deadline for the resubmission

Be disciplined while handling the comments and stick to the timeline.

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