How to write a response to the reviewers of your manuscript


Writing a response letter is tricky.  Rarely manuscript does get accepted without some revisions. Once you have got a mail stating revision, it’s not only important to modify the manuscript but also write a comprehensive and clear response letter. The response letter should highlight your efforts way before the comparison between the original and revised manuscript is made.

  • To write a supportive response letter, one should first invest some pretty good time hibernating on the comments of the reviewers. Read them multiple times in different time intervals and question yourself what these comments are asking for? Am I getting them right? Can a comment be addressed in more than ways? What supportive evidence do I need to showcase with respect to a particular comment. There has been an answer to the comments and you can just deny them.
  • Once you have performed experiments and analyzed the data it’s time to prepare for writing a response letter. For a better quality of letter start early.
  • Write a brief background regarding the comments and compile the modification you have done to address them. Always start the letter with a token of thanks to the editor and reviewer.
  • Organize the comments and your response in a sequential manner. You can number the comments and write your explanation below them. Also, can italics the reviewer’s comments to emphasize it.
  • Give a point-to-point reply in the response letter.
  • Always discuss with the co-author regarding the comments way in advance and take their inputs while writing.
  • Make a rough draft with keywords that you shall be writing as a responsible way before the actual letter.
  • Be polite and thank full for the time and effort the reviewer has invested in studying your manuscript.
  • Elaborate your reply with comprehensive detailing of the modification or inputs made by you. Sometimes if an error was detected you can state as onliners that “we have made the necessary corrections”
  • If you cannot answer some comments as you find them out of the scope, state them clearly with adequate justification.
  • Although the comment is given by the reviewers however you should write back the address should be to the editor of the journal.
  • Always answer the comments of all reviewers whether you agree with it or not.
  • Never lie that you have addressed the comments if you have not.
  • For a successful publication, you should give due respect and assimilate the opinion of the reviewer.

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