Tips for Getting your Article through Peer Review Quickly and Successfully

Peer review might go neglected even after you have spent an arduous amount of time and effort researching and drafting your study. What can be most efficient and effective will be putting in the effort to polish your work, selecting the right journal to publish your study within the scope, and adhering to all the journal guidelines and requirements before submission.

  1. Enhancing your Manuscript: Before submitting your manuscript to a journal, thoroughly analyze language and grammatical mistakes. All the co-authors can go through the paper once to ensure it is error-free and impact the readers without confusing them. They can even ask someone else to evaluate the article as their point of view can bring up some new observations. You can also take advantage of English language editing services.
  2. Uniqueness of your Manuscript: The manuscripts that get published report a new message or idea. Go through your research and question yourself about what you are trying to prove. How will your research contribute to the research area? Is your message significant? Answering these questions will help you find a new perspective in your article.
  3. Following the Submission Guidelines: After selecting the appropriate journal, it is time to format your paper following all the journal-specific guidelines. A lot of time gets wasted, days and even months, at the initial check-in process if any formatting modification or additional information is required. When formatting the manuscript, prioritize referencing style and submission checklist, taking care of all the files or forms needed for submission.


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