University of Michigan Unveils Promising New Direction for HIV Cure

University of Michigan researchers discovered a promising approach to HIV treatment. They modified a natural compound to target the virus and eliminate hidden reservoirs, potentially leading to a cure.

The team started with concanamycin A (CMA), a chemical that inhibits HIV’s ability to evade the immune system. By modifying CMA in a lab, they created new compounds that target latent reservoirs where the virus hides. Existing medications can’t reach these reservoirs.

This research offers significant hope for a future cure. However, further testing and refinement are needed before human trials can begin.

Source: Structure–Activity Relationships of Natural and Semisynthetic Plecomacrolides Suggest Distinct Pathways for HIV-1 Immune Evasion and Vacuolar ATPase-Dependent Lysosomal AcidificationJournal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2024.

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