Yoga Found to Boost Cognition in Older Women at Risk of Alzheimer’s


Exciting news for older women concerned about Alzheimer’s risk! A recent study from UCLA suggests that engaging in Kundalini yoga sessions could significantly boost cognition and memory. Compared to standard memory exercises, yoga showed a “significant, large effect size” in improving cognitive function among participants with subjective cognitive decline.

The study focused on 79 women over 50, considered at risk due to a variant gene associated with Alzheimer’s and other health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Over 12 weeks, those practicing Kundalini yoga demonstrated neural pathway rebuilding, reduced brain matter decline, and even reversed some aging and inflammation biomarkers linked to Alzheimer’s.

Yoga’s emphasis on breathing and meditation seems particularly beneficial for brain health, reducing stress, inflammation, and improving neuroplasticity. While more research is needed, these findings suggest promising avenues for Alzheimer’s prevention and management.

Considering the benefits of both yoga and memory exercises, why not incorporate both into your routine? Yoga’s anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing effects could complement memory training for a holistic approach to brain health. Stay tuned for more updates on the intersection of yoga and cognitive function!

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