Beat the heat with advanced paint solutions

Worker painting on the walls on sunny day

Cool paint coatings offer a promising solution to combat the Urban Heat Island effect, which results in elevated temperatures in urban areas. Previous research has primarily relied on simulations or scaled-down models. However, researchers from NTU conducted a pioneering real-world study in Singapore to assess the effectiveness of these coatings in tropical conditions.

Key Findings:

  • Researchers coated roofs, walls, and road pavements in an industrial area in Singapore with cool paint coatings.
  • The coated environment exhibited temperatures up to two degrees Celsius cooler in the afternoon compared to an adjacent uncoated area.
  • Pedestrian thermal comfort improved by up to 1.5 degrees Celsius, as measured by the Universal Thermal Climate Index.
  • The Universal Thermal Climate Index integrates various factors including temperature, relative humidity, thermal radiation, and wind speed to evaluate thermal sensation.
  • This study contributes valuable insights into the practical application of cool paint coatings in real-world urban environments.
  • The research represents the first comprehensive evaluation of cool paint coatings in the tropics, highlighting their potential efficacy in mitigating the Urban Heat Island effect.
  • By reducing surface heat absorption and emission, cool paint coatings offer a promising strategy to alleviate urban heat and enhance outdoor comfort levels.
  • The findings underscore the importance of further research and implementation of such solutions to address urban heat challenges in tropical regions.

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