Effective Means of Designing Scientific & Academic E-Poster


What is E-poster?

One of the main ways to share knowledge for Scientists is E-poster. E-posters are the visually pleasing illustration of Research made available to the Attention of the Audience in the Academic Conference. E-posters helps you to share your Research Findings with the scientific community and obtaining feedback from Faculty & Peers.


Parts & Sequence of e-Poster

Generally, e-Posters consist of the following Blocks:

  • The title plays a major role which decides whether the audience should see the poster or not.
  • Authors & Affiliations include the Author name.
  • The Introduction & Goals should be brief with illustrations and highlight major findings.
  • Methodologyuse graphs & charts
  • Result include figures or tables, less text.
  • The Conclusion should be Clear with accurate data, summarize the original findings.
  • Future Work, Acknowledgements & References are Optional Works.
  • Depending on the Conference Guidelines, Abstracts can be kept.


General e-Poster Layout


How to create an effective e- Poster for Academic Conference?


  1. Audience (To whom is the e-Poster mainly focused?)
  • Register for the Conference.
  • Prepare Slides for an e-Poster presentation.
  • Go through Sample e-Poster templates to present in a better way.
  • Plan an e-power point presentation if asked.
  • Submit the e-Poster before the deadline.
  • Date & Time will be communicated through the mail by Conference People.
  • Be ready to answer questions asked by the Panel Members.


  1. Best e-Poster formatting (How your e-Poster stand out from the rest?)
  • Clear Take Away Message 
  • Content should be given in the form of Key Points.
  • The clarity of the content should be clear enough that it is self-explanatory.
  • The content should be easy and interesting to read.
  • The Text and Font should be visible.
  • Too much text & Complicated Graphs should not be used.
  • Real Finding in Plain Language 
  • Emphasize the important words. Avoid too many experiments.
  • Blank Space
  • Maintaining space between Rows and columns is very important.
  • Theme Colours 
  • Green for Empirical Study, Blue for Theory, Red for Methods, Yellow – Most attention-getting colour- Intervention Study.
  • Ammo Bar
  • The column on one side of the Poster for miscellaneous figures.
  • QR Code
  • The audience can get more information related to the paper presentation. This is highly recommended in the Poster Preparation Service.


  1. Software for creating e-Posters
  • Use Microsoft Publisher or PowerPoint Presentation (Effectively use Zoom option & Audio Narration which enriches the Poster Viewing experience).
  • Use interactive media such as mp4 videos, animations, video links to enrich the Presentation.
  • Export the slide as Pdf
  • File Size should be noted when submitting the e-Poster.



The goal of the E-poster is similar to the printed version in that the information should be in a Succinct way.

Effective E-Poster Creation can be outlined as follows:

  • Maximize the Amount of Insight.
  • Keep the Good Stuff – Illustration 80%; Text 20%.
  • Make it Simple & Easy – Skim easily.
  • Give a slight deviation from the general layout so that the audience will be overwhelmed.
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