Publishing In A Reputed Medical Journal


Publishing a medical journal enhances your resumes which increases your job promotion including images, videos, letter commentaries reports about a specific patient called a case report research article, and review articles.

How to Submit a Medical Journal?

Selecting a Journal

  • Impact Factor depends on the Research, Audience, Novel Ideas of the Journals
  • Article Type – Full-Length Articles, Brief Communications Articles
  • Open Access Articles – Some Journals have Open Access means when publications are freely available online to all at no cost and with limited restrictions with regards to reuse.

What are the steps need to take before writing a paper?

  • Determine if you should publish, make sure to make a strong manuscript.
  • Decide on the type of Manuscript.
  • Choose the target journal.
  • Check the Instructions for Authors for that journal.

What is a Strong Manuscript?

  • Have Clear, Significant & Useful Messages
  • Presented & Constructed in a Logical Manner
  • Easily understood by the Reviewers and Editors
  • Write with Clarity, Objectivity, Accuracy & Brevity
  • The message & importance must be clear
  • Clear language is necessary for editors, reviewers, and readers to grasp the message of the work.
  • The findings reported in a paper are vital.
  • One sentence should follow another sentence logically
  • Avoiding errors – Sentence Construction, Incorrect Tenses, Inaccurate grammar, Punctuation Mistakes

Types of Manuscript 


  • Full-Length Articles – Standard for disseminating complete research findings. Typically, it consists of 8-10 Pages with 5 Figures and 25 References. It includes Abstract, Intro, Methods, Results, and Discussion.
  • Brief Communications Articles– Instructive Case Reports, Shorter than Full-Length Articles, Limited Tables & Figures.

Reviews – Brief or Graphical 

Graphical Reviews (GRs) are a form of a short, organized article that fundamentally uses illustrative schematic summaries to express only key concepts and novel ideas on a major lab research subject.

Case reports should be no longer than 1000 words (excluding the abstract and keywords), with no more than 10 references and photos. A separate abstract of up to 150 words should also be included in the manuscript.

Commentaries are precise, narrowly focused articles.

Choosing the target journal

  • Aim & Scope
  • Types of articles published
  • Impact Factor – Calculating the citation impact factor
  • Determine the exact category of the paper
  • Manuscript length requirements
  • Abstract formal & length requirements
  • Reference format

Check the Instructions for Authors

  • Consult the Instructions for Authors of the chosen Journal

Where to submit the Medical Journals?

We can submit the medical journal in the following websites:

The American Medical Student Research JournalThe British Student Doctor JournalThe Einstein Journal of Biology and MedicineHarvard Medical Student ReviewHarvard Public Health ReviewInternational Journal of Medical StudentsPulse VoicesStudent BMJStudent Doctor Network

What to expect after Submission?


A researcher with a reputed Medical Journal has undergone the following process

  • Write High-Quality Articles for Publishing (Quality over Quantity)
  • Pick the right journal to publish in
  • Analyze People’s comments about your Research.
  • Follow the Guidelines – Type of Reference, Methodology structuring
  • Write now, edit later
  • Set expectations for co-publishing
  • Learn from Rejection (The acceptance rate would be 20%)

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